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Numbers on the rise

100 projects. 2,800 MW of installed power capacity. 
And that is just Solyes' first wave of developments.

Currently Solyes is at the final stage of its first campaign of project developments. The total number of projects under development is now at 100, with total installed capacity of 2,800 MW.

Solyes' initial projects are concentrated on a strategic location that combine high capacity for power generation and easily accessible infrastructure.

After several high-quality-investment offers, Solyes has sold a relevant number of projects but retains relevant participation in the area.

Solyes is now about to beginning its second round of developments.

Total 100 projects
Installed Capacity 2,800 MW
Location Bahia

Bom Jesus da Lapa

Photovoltaic complex | 2,800 MW of power

This is a development with over 5,000 hectares of area receiving tilted solar irradiation estimated at an average of 6.05 kWh/m²/day. In addition to the high quality of its solar resources, this site has two large power substations, both connected to the SIN (National Interconnected System). In practical terms, this means unlimited power connection and transmission capacity for these projects.

Additionally, the area in which the projects are located has experienced considerable degradation by previous human action, which significantly lowers the risk of additional and adverse environmental impacts being caused during the project execution. The municipality already considers the project's location to be suitable for industrial activity.

The area also has excellent infrastructure. The site is very close to a town which is a regional hub for services and transport, with paved highways and an airport close by.


Total 100 projects
Installed Capacity 2,800 MW
Location Bahia