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Usinas Fotovoltaicas Projetos Comerciais EPC

More power and profitability for your business

Reduce power costs for your company 
without hurting productivity

Solyes is also specialized in building photovoltaic generation plants for large business customers.

These generating units may be set up either inside the final consumer's power grid or at a remote location, allowing companies to leverage possible discounts offered by utility companies and significantly reduce electricity-related costs.

Solyes’s flexibility to prospect and offer the best investment scenarios in photovoltaic generation is based not only on the quality of its project, procurement and execution capabilities, but also on its expertise in fine-tuning the commercial aspects of its projects (cash flow analysis, return on invested capital and other financial aspects). This is how we develop feasible and profitable solutions for business customers (be they interested in acquiring their own plants with 500 kWp or more installed capacity or leasing a generation plant of 250 kWp or more.

Deployment Option 1
in-company photovoltaic installation.

Deployment Option 2
power generated from remote plant (leased or purchased).


Rather than owning a generation plant, many customers may find it more profitable to lease a photovoltaic power generating plant from Solyes instead. That way investment is gradually repaid with the savings in electricity costs. In other words, your company gets more resources to invest in its core business rather than on overhead.

Plants that are contracted under a lease system to provide power through a Power Purchase Agreement (or PPA) can be built as dedicated plants for the customer, and will be executed using third party capital only (from Solyes and co-investors).

PV Generation – Giving power to environment preservation commitments

Business customers who contract a 100% photovoltaic Power Purchase Agreement in Brazil are awarded the "Selo Solar" (Sun Seal) by “Instituto Ideal” NGO. The certification is constantly verified by the Brazilian Electric Power Trade Chamber (CCEE). This stamp allows our large business customers to demonstrate to their own customers, their employees, and society in general that they are committed to sustainability by consuming low-environmental impact renewable energy. Solyes may support the customer in the process of obtaining the Seal as part of its services.

What we do

Learn more about the services offered by Solyes for commercial solutions:

  • Projections of customer demand, available area and current connection to the grid*;
  • Study of alternative photovoltaic plants (in terms of technologies and/or design) that can best suit the costumer's needs and maximize its NPV*;
  • Consultancy on practical actions required for customers to become grid-free or self-connected producers;
  • Basic Design preparation;
  • Operate the requests for micro or minigerator projects to the connected to the energy distribution company (for in-company power generation plants)
  • Handle applications in the Regulatory Body, ANEEL (for larger projects that need to be connected to the local or national power transmission grid);
  • Issuance of every other license or permission related to the project;
  • Procurement of the best possible inputs for project execution;
  • Project execution and commissioning.

*these two first steps may be executed after the customer and Soyles have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” for the lease or be performed at a fixed cost, credited against the project purchase costs, in case the customer decides to buy or lease the plant with Solyes.

in transmission costs.




Indicators show
price-competitiveness for consumers connected
to low voltage grids.


Learn more about ANEEL's resolution 482 for micro and mini power generation plants (in Portuguese).